maandag 7 december 2015

Donkey Kong - control panel

At my search on the Internet prior to this build i found a nice donkey kong control panel with some parts of the original Nintendo joystick and wire harness. There were also the original button holders mounted. That was a very nice starting point.

Stripping the control panel was the first thing that have to be done. After stripping the panel the surface was sanded. To get a better result i decided to put adhesive vinyl on the control panel. This worked out very well.

The control panel fitting was another job. I returned to the cab and placed two latches for retaining the control panel. Also a metal plate was mounted for retaining the front side of the control panel. All fits well.

Back to the control panel itself. It was time to clean the 30 year old dirt from the button holders, joystick and wires. I used a lot of contact spray for this and the result was fine. After cleaning i mounted the overlay and buttons. We have a new donkey kong control panel! Next, the monitor bezel mounting.