maandag 7 december 2015

Donkey Kong - The build starts

My name is Ron Sommeling. I am working as a IT network specialist for a company in the Netherlands. However this blog is not about my IT skills it's about another addiction i have: Donkey Kong, a classic arcade game from the early 80's

It was 1981. The year i met the Donkey. We where close for about four years and then...., it suddenly disappeared! Someone thought it was time for another cab in my favorite dinning place. What where they thinking? The Nintendo Donkey Kong cashed more then their food!! Leaving me alone with a dark future. I searched for other Nintendo Donkey Kong's but never found one like my beloved. So my life continued empty until this day!!

To get a original donkey kong arcade cabinet in the Netherlands is very difficult. Another option, buy one on ebay, ship it over to the Netherlands and restore it to the original state. A option but way to expensive! Inspired by the movie "The King of Kong a fistful of quarters" Steve Wiebe versus Billy Mitchell i decided to build from scratch. That was the plan. I searched the Internet for a building plan and found one on the Jakobud site This was a good starting point. Building the donkey kong cab with MDF wood and try as close as the original. First things first. Drawing a full size model on paper